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« POLE, aka Berlin-based Stefan Betke, has pioneered a whole new approach to electronic music - amplifying the hisses, pops, and scratches of old Jamaican dub music into new depths of bass, space, and rhythm. His highly-acclaimed releases on Matador Records, as well as earlier releases for DIN (not to mention his influential stint as mastering engineer for the world-regarded Dubplates & Mastering), have pricked up the ears of electronica and indie fans alike. Meanwhile, releases on his own label ~SCAPE have offered home to some of the richest dub-influenced music around. »
After his debut on DIN that became a highly sought-after vinyl, Betke released three albums in quick succession on his own Kiff SM label. A little later the label went under, and Matador picked up and re-issued POLE material. Meanwhile Betke with Burnt Friedman and Kit Clayton started ~SCAPE, that after a number of releases quickly established itself as one of the leading forces in the clicks + cuts genre. Latest full-length release from POLE (titled "R") is a tribute and an attempt to rework the material from POLE's first vinyl.

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andrew pekler
« ANDREW PEKLER, a Californian now based in Germany, traces his roots to early jazz/electronica experiments, toying with subtle traces of funk, transformed remnants of berlin urban dub, and raw found sounds that build up and dissolve in angular spaces of sliding atonal melodies. His first album under the name of ANDREW PEKLER is an intriguing take on the man/machine interplay with a cold alien groove of midnight jazz café reemerging in the the world of clicks and bleeps. Its intentional skips and tiny imprecisions, carefully weighted atonality communicate the state of suspended tension that never resolves, seducing the listener with its depth and slow pace. An atmosphere of free-spirited jazz improvisation entering the world of clicks + cuts. »

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jeremy bible
« JEREMY BIBLE has quietly been making waves in local electronic music scene for the last several years. With a musical range that encompasses the fluidity of electro, the abrasiveness of dark drum&bass, the complexity of idm, and the emotional richness of melodic electronica, Jeremy is all but guaranteed a wider audience in the near future. »

jeremy bible "nevermind" (2002)             
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