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nkvd - prolog
posted on 15-Feb-2000 by alan
First of all, I have to say Hands Productions has done an excellent job as an ever growing label, and has put out some of the strongest most original releases I've heard in the past few years.

And now NKVD, a highly original band that defines another addition to power noise/industrial meditation.

First observed with tracks "mikrometrik" on the Exoskeleton II comp from PBR and then the pummeling "barbarians" on the Flatline II comp, and now "Prolog"! Prepared and packaged in a cold black cardboard smartpac that Hands is known for, with a highly intelligent technological covert booklet that gives you a insight and visual intrepretation for what's to come in this release. The best packaging and design I have seen in the past year on a cd, simple as that.

Delve into the minds of sound designers remy pelleschi & jerome schmitt. These take you into a bio-synthetic nightmare that unravels your psyche and give you insight to where your emotions have been hidden so long ago. Anger and power seems to advance throughout, crushing and destroying everything in its path especially on tracks such as "barbarians", "destruktion", and "mikrometric."

Intensified percussive elements are hurled at your brain while remy's voxx tears your eyes and leaves your senses in shock by the rhythmic synthetics that engrave into your heart. Phased multi-layered drones and crushing rhythms merge in and out echoed voxx of other tracks such as "pskoz (partII)."

Meanwhile tracks like "timescape" play with several layered dynamic elements that create hypnotic state similar to that of voltaic & winterkalte.

Managed by Doctor Avalanche (Laurent Le Fers), this is definitely not a cd to ignore, but to add to your collection. Highest recommendations, need I say more.

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