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andreas tilliander
mille plateaux   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 23-Feb-2003
with his latest release on mille plateaux, andreas tilliander slowly moves away from the strictly-defined world of clicks + cuts, crossing genres and styles. overall the album appears to be heavier, possessing more prominent rhythms (less annoying insect noises) - remnants of dislocated deep house with a fine sense of irregular repetitions, pauses and space; the more minimal it becomes, the more articulated it gets. vocal experiments resulted in a few annoying hip-hop attempts (the complexity of music suffered a lot), as well as one of my favorite tracks with vocals by j. johanson (such an intricate, transparent spontaneity in its structure, smoothed out by the slightly treated vocals). in his move to more "accessible" sound, tilliander loses some of the idiosyncratic peculiarities of the genre, aiming for more transparent, "balanced," universal appeal.

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