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die sender mussen scheigen
loki   2002
  see also
"ephemeral dawn"
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album rating: 3

submitted by jc smith on 23-Feb-2003

Translated as, "The Transmitters Must Be Silent," this 10" release from Anenzephalia is nothing less than a masterpiece of dread and confusion. Each side plays as one piece, no groove distinction separation, though an abundance of music/sounds/noises shuffle for domination.

Side One ("Wahrnehmungskrieg" War Of Perception; "Stille Spharen" Silent Spheres; beware, initial pressings of this release labeled the sides incorrectly!) opens with a slight acoustic guitar, interrupted by a sampled voice ("This is a special report") which leads into discomfiting electronics that waver and groan in murkiness, corroded transmissions that sound as though they are being massaged, molded and mangled. The mood is fraught with unease; dread is the rule rather than the exception. News reports reel in the background. Confusion is emphasized by cluttered voices all a twitter, and static, burrowing into the brain...and then a bass tone that sinks into the gray matter and grounds everything into mush! A lightly distorted, authoritative voice follows. The caustic twitch of tones that follows really grinds one's nerves; nerves that have been splayed open, all thought dangling naked to the intrusion, nauseous and dizzying and brutally uncompromising. It reminds me a bit of Schloss Tegal, a band whose whole career has refined sonic dread and unease, and I'll be damned if it gets much better than this!

Side Two's transmissions ("Storung 1/Signalgeber" Disturbance/Signal Trigger; "Fernmeldung/Storung 0" Distant Report/Disturbance) explode with claustrophobic tenacity, a white noise tsunami of abrasion and pure, sound corrupting glee. Listen hard enough and one can pick out voices, maybe samples, buried within the swirling vortex, before being abruptly cut off as one would a hangnail, shifting to a twitching percussive sound and eerie tones like plastic ghosts, amidst belching bleats of noise. Sounds swell, weirdness is emphasized, and nausea rises again, as if my speakers are about to vomit, or at least topple in disorientation. Brushing by a vocal sample, more vocal samples crowd in, scattered, as though the ambience has shifted to a squalid city, before the mouth of the tsunami swallows everything in an outro matching the intro's sheer sonic muscle.

This 10" is unquestionably the finest music Anenzephalia has yet to create! From Power And Steel, a side-label of LOKI, purveyors of the absolute best dark sonicscape music imaginable. Mandatory!

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