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miles tilmann
sub:marine   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 23-Feb-2003

this album is very representative of miles tilmann's musical diversity. according to his website, this chicago musician is slated to appear on toytronic in near future, which by itself should set off a lot of alarms.

his mix of deep warm ambience and rhythms is as catchy as it gets, his stylistic variety is most impressive - deep hypnotic grooves of opening "unfold" remind me of darker oil10 sensibilities with its slow build up and deep strings; "sunday" and "underland" melt firm idm punches in rich waves of ambient; shorter tracks in-between provide very mood-setting interludes with the material most similar to his "xmasep2" and "xmasep3" releases; final track, "derail," is an irresistible treat (besides its striking similarities to a material of certain well-known idm duo) full with analog softness and shimmering synths.

and yet each track seems to be a take on a different style and variation of well-known idm formula; the time will show whether it is a result of my overexposure, or lack of taste on my part. miles tilmann has a superb feel for melody and atmosphere, his technical abilities are most remarkable, and, as his other material shows, he is capable of exploring other directions. underland is a promise for the future, a milestone that proves his ability to create quality idm product; it is time to move on, and I feel that a blend of melodic ambience and rhythms is the most promising direction.

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