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cold electric fire
in nights dream we are ghosts
crionic mind   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by jc smith on 26-Feb-2003
Caustic cadences flood my speakers on the first track, "Never To Alarm." The flood is concentrated, contorted by squeals and metal on metal grind—the embrace of overworked machinery as it huddles together before...death? Strange, extremely intriguing, more so because the booklet lists only piano, cymbals and violin as participants! In Nights Dream We Are Ghosts is the second release by Gary Tedder's Cold Electric Fire, following a wonderful self-titled debut on the defunct (but intensely vital, and sorely missed, as far as I care) Sacred Sound label. Refinement and focus are sharpened to a searing, sonic pinpoint on this amazing release. As the first track progresses, a segment featuring simple, effective piano, circles in front of shimmering feedback. The tonalities throughout are from a spectrum akin to the impressions one garners as one drives on a freeway, temperature pushing 110 degrees, and the glare—these are the sounds of the glare, the prismatic blinding lights that bound off of shuffling vehicles, the abrupt cries of chrome and glass. The glare reflecting off of "Trials" is as harsh as steel-wool, as the sounds of a manipulated train abrasively rub the speakers, while nuances almost musical simmer underneath, occasionally peeking out, growing more courageous and, finally, taking the reins amidst the clatter of a construction site. "Further" is an exercise in restraint, utilizing the "feedback from stereo mic and voice mutator positioned into washing machine spin cycle" to create a comforting, womb-like ambience (though agitated by more noisy, piercing tones towards the end). Watery tones introduce "The Moon Makes These Mad White Horses Shine," the inherent harshness of the tones as they cluster together, massively incendiary, and yet, as throughout, musical impressions reverberate from within. In Nights Dream We Are Ghosts is intriguing, inspired work, well worth seeking out.

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