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brighter death now
why ó never again!
jinx   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by jc smith on 27-Feb-2003

I've grown fond of these little sonic snapshots of Roger Karmanik's sickening noise, the 7", 10" or 12"s that trepan the skull and release concentrated spasms of perversion, pandemonium, or worse. This gem from Jinx is no less aberrant...

Muffled music and droning, slowed to a crawl voices, introduce "Why." A swirling pulse, like blood tides lapping at beaches made of flesh and bone, follows. Reverb gives everything a sense of disorientation. And then the vocalizations, sounding like the primal released, mad chimpanzee utterances, into the garbled screams of a mad man, convulsing, retching, wavering amidst the slow grind throb--pure insanity! This is the point where one must question the sanity of the creator, the sanity of continuing to listen, and the obscene attraction of such truly mangled, psychotic sounds. Electronics circle, gnawing at the horrendous exhibition, as Karmanik's (or the demon that possesses him!) bleats and cries still clamor for expression: the monster withinóreleased! True madness! Genius of a most revealing nature (I can't stop listening!). (Even the torrential onslaught of feedback at the end of the song cannot render Karmanik silent.) "Never Again!" continues the asylum ramblings, sounding even more like an internal duel with demons than the previous track, amidst squalid (mutilated and agonized) electronics that meld with the Karmanik's riddled with madness banter, gurgling, screeching, clawing like talons scratching at the trepanned skull, wanting more from within... Is there more than one vocalist here? A valid question, as the inflections vary from low to high registers, insidious and raw, scraped from the bowels of the mental abattoir, demons in congress within Karmanik's writhing gray matter, seeming to say 'something' that is mottled and diseased and indecipherable. "Never Again!" is one the best examples of sonic insanity ever presented. It seems live, abruptly cutting off at the end, as if Karmanik were just allowing the demons room to roam, and the tapes recorded this and more, but this will have to do because any more might destroy much more than one man's mind. Oh, yes, definitely recommended! (Or so say the 'voices.')

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