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dead hollywood stars
hymen   2002
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"gone west"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 9-Apr-2003

I keep coming back to this album again and again since its initial release. after cultural anthropology studies of the first album, when the themes used carried a heavy heritage of cultural references that were examined and toyed with - instead of all that junctions entered a new phase, using these motifs to their full potential, free from the too obvious connotations usually attached to them.

junctions is more relaxed, more diverse, more humorous; instead of alien arizona and nevada deserts, ghost towns and inescapable self-absorbed duality, constant juxtaposition of its moods, dead hollywood stars entered the world only distinctly reminiscent of wild wild west.

junctions continues the traditions of great movie soundtracks (I am actually writing this with carpenter's "fog" on the background), creating the atmosphere that is incredibly visual, incredibly moody; filled with multitude of elements that make your mind race, dazzling you with its erudition, creating a stream of images that is both tastefully exotic, languorously delirious and very intimate which does not stop it from revealing its alien, otherworldly nature from time to time.

almost as much as the music by itself, I enjoy this creative process, the evolution from their first album, an intriguing transformation. junctions is less aggressively pop-art in its use of source material; the influences have been assimilated and smoothed out. perhaps it was almost a required christening with irony and post-modern treatise on the subject of re-contextualization.

although junctions at times could appear soothing and almost earnest in its efforts to capture the authenticity of other culture, it always possesses an extra layer, a distance that results in occasional overexposed picture, burned-out edges, that reveal themselves through sporadic crumbling beats, stuttering skips, subtle glitches or a breath of surreal casting its shadow on this great saga.

I am glad to see both gone west and junctions presented as a single work, with an excellent gleaming imagery that reinforces the atmosphere of the album, taking the listener along into yet another journey along the "paths of the impossible."

settle down in this world, get to know its inhabitants and their peculiarities, tune your ear to the guitar and piano, shield your eyes against the sun and nod politely towards tambourines and jazz orchestra, cherish each chance encounter with the little disembodied poetic pieces that the prairie sun thawed out and sent across the desert.

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