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other voices
hands   2003
  see also
"vita mediativa"
"the living tissue"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 9-Apr-2003

with other voices orphx takes a more refined approach to slowly developing organic textures that have always attracted me in their work. using multitude of field recordings from living tissue, they impose, or rather reveal, an underlying structure, a metronome-like regularity that gradually unfolds, creating the magic of repetition and rhythm.

despite their simplicity, dark-colored vinyl jacket and tinted photos of urban wintry landscapes prove to be the most fitting visual accompaniment for the music. raw, untreated textures of muffled city sounds, their coarse-grained minimalism slowly dissolve in chilling silence that ensues after pulsating opening, gradually building up to another undulating sequence of soft beats developing in alluring darkness.

I can envision comparisons to another canadian musican, vromb, but they would be nothing more than perceived similarities noticed by a superficial listener. the goals of other voices and vromb are worlds apart. hugo has always been after angular mechanics of cold analog devices, retro-minimalism and aggressive rigidity; other voices is an ambient work that traces its roots to field recordings; surprisingly delicate, incredibly graceful in its slow pace, retaining its dark feel - it is a superb combination of cold hypnotic minimalism and enveloping organic depth. this carefully picked collection of tracks is probably my favorite orphx work to date.

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