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squadra blanco
night of the illuminati
holosynthesis   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 13-Apr-2003

a little over twenty years ago clock dva and cabaret voltaire moved from early disco and funk experiments to the style of music that later front242 called "ebm." it was a logical progression for those that craved to combine danceable rhythms with the eschatological aesthetics.

let me cool you down a bit after this intriguing beginning; after all it was deliberately aimed at getting your attention. catch your breath, pick up that copy of volle kraft voraus that you probably dropped on the floor, gather those juan atkins releases, spit one last time on the big pile of glorified future-pop accumulating dust in the corner and sit closer to the record player - this is where it's at, kids.

do not hold your breath - nothing will resurrect those golden days when vocoding was as innovative as using film samples, when simple drum machine was everything; we are old and jaded, nothing is as pure as it used to be, and any straightforward attempts in this direction are nothing but silly in the age when every little kid can spell "post-modern".

meet danny legowelt that for many years has been refining his brand of "dirty brown disco," rooted in the moody 70s synthesizer soundtracks, disco and electro. his latest release under the moniker of squadra blanco titled night of the illuminati gets very close to the sound of early ebm, enriched with danny's trademark blend of lush analog instruments and fluid rhythms.

free from the incestuous relationships within the post-industrial genre, legowelt finds a way to resurrect the core ideals of ebm, gradually incorporating and transforming them. this double vinyl possesses a definite darker streak that comes as a result of more rigid rhythms and processed vocals.

do not expect militant samples or leather-clad stormtroopers - these were the patriarchs; their kids are wearing geeky t-shirts and sport thick-framed glasses - but you will recognize the spark in their eyes and the familiar energy. for a brief moment it will be like the old days again, until the weight of your 14-eyed leather boots with steel toes will remind you of reality.

although anyone with music erudition would enjoy picking legowelt's sound apart, none of this excessive history knowledge is needed to enjoy it. squadra blanco is equally suited for the aging music collectors like yours truly that resent leaving their comfortable chair, as well as any cyber-rivet-industrial-goth (circle one) kid clutching his first beloved cds and sneering at old-time drexciya fans that also came out to enjoy squadra blanco.

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