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city centre offices   2003
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"atol scrap"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 3-May-2003

it is almost a mauvais ton to write about arovane from a purely journalistic standpoint. anyone at least remotely familiar with modern electronic music usually starts out with uwe's work, and by now he has attained the status when every new release is much anticipated and well-received. of course, it could be the usual fate of a music commentator that has closely followed the scene for a long time and assumes the same level of familiarity in its audience.

the etching on the vinyl indicates that the block series is now over. if this is indeed the case, one could not have found a better way to end the series with these thousand copies of arovane's latest work.

light-hearted simplicity and dreamy, shimmering rhythms open side a in the usual arovane's manner. lyrical mood softens and deepens, as you switch the speeds (what an opportunity to explore additional dimensions of each track).

side b finds you sitting on the floor in your living room with a box of old photographs and a pot of green tea. it is rainy afternoon and you just found the picture from that early morning few years back. you can almost remember how it felt to walk on the firm sand after the tide, feel the ocean breeze on your face and the incessant humming of the wind.

the daylight dwindles, the track ends; you get up, switch the speed to 33 and hit "play"...

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