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tesco   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 22-May-2003

in any conversation about essential in dark ambient, the name apoptose is bound to come up at some point. it has been over three years since this debut appeared on "tesco," and listening to it now once again proves it to be a fine example of the music that does not age.

"nordland" is an exploration of the colder, darker states of mind; a journey back to the archaic past that is hidden inside of everyone. inspired by the desolate landscapes of northern europe, the music resurrects the mystery and the fascination of the tribal past when men were few and their contact with nature was far more direct and primal.

each composition further develops these underlying themes, building upon the single vision and the ideas that have been steadily developed by apoptose over the past decade. unlike many others, apoptose never tries to "create an atmosphere," or lure the listener in with superficial devices - instead, he goes much deeper, resurrecting the forgotten spirit, the hidden energy and transforming it through sweeping deep ambience and tribal rhythms. occasional noisy texture allows the music to sink in deeper, creating a more distinct contrast, but also changing your perspective, placing you as the listener outside of both the past and the present. these vast forlorn landscapes created by apoptose, these looming thunderstorms in the distance only make you submerge more fully in the primeval world of inner shadows.

visually, "nordland" is a combination of the layout by ingo lindmeier of polygon and photos by apoptose himself (interestingly enough, track "nordlicht" is a bit reminiscent of earlier polygon's work - fragility of small analog sounds and solitary beautigul melodies dissolving in clouds of dark ambience).

everything from the visual presentation to the ideas behind the music contribute to the overall overwhelming effect from this album. it is a great example when refinement, thoroughness and deep thought result in an absolutely outstanding work.

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