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dunklets högtid
u-cover   2003
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 18-Jun-2003

with deltidseskapism martin abrahamsson departs slightly from the material that made his bauri moniker so successful. through the deliberate restriction and minimalism emerges the atmosphere full of unresolved tension, haunted by the deep fuzzy basslines that remind me of alva noto's "signature" sound. the faceless, anonymous recursive rhythm, projected onto itself and repeated with slight atonal variations allows the listener to bypass it eventually, look deeper at the melody lurking beneath shimmering glitchy icicles. this balance of anonymity and subtle warmth, this sense of hypnotic rhythm and continuity is what makes this record unmistakably u-cover (or rather u-cover 40, since it is the new sublabel dedicated to further refining its concept of viewing the works of many artists in one unifying context).

deltidseskapism is a graceful blend of slowly evolving rhythms rooted in deep minimal techno and blurry landscapes with the interplay of disconnected, floating idm textures. it shies away from the direct appeal of anthropomorphism usually attributed to the idm musicians, instead deltidseskapism builds lasting atmospheric collages that are so very reminiscent of starfish pool's darker work.

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