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antigen shift
implicit structures
frozen empire media   2003
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 19-Jun-2003

classifying implicit structures as belonging to one or another genre would be reducing it to the usual cathartic vehicle for the adolescent extremists that need an instrument to channel their raging hormones. instead of the usual soulless banging on metal things and calling it "rhythmic noise," antigen shift creates a ferocious living entity that is as emotionally intense as it is cold and intricately constructed.

the feel of implicit structures reminds me of first converter's album before the latter decided to go with more straightforward sound. at the same time, antigen shift is not interested in purely mechanized landscapes, machine minimalism and paralyzing repetition - antigen shift's music is breathing down your neck, clawing at your skin with its high-pitched feedback squeals; each beatiful dark ambient interlude only allows you to feel your muscles tighten, as you expect the next onslaught of piercing, storming, layered noise.

it is an exquisite torture, as your flinch and grind your teeth, feeling its crushing weight, as well as its captivating, beckoning depth and complexity. antigen shift managed to create a sound that possesses disturbing mechanical sharpness, dark technoid appeal and aggression of a living being. it is an incredibly intense album that brings out the most visceral, primal energy, transforming and crystallizing it.

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