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pushing air
neo ouija   2003
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 26-Jun-2003

I have always enjoyed neo ouija's flavor of melodic electronica, and although at times I would overdose on it to the point where all releases become a bit too sweet and undistinguished, I am ready to forgive everything just for that xela record that became my number one listening advice for months and months in a row.

on the heels of xela's success, neo ouija decided to pursue this particular direction of idm with a full-length deru album. strictly speaking, it would be wrong to compare the two, since their similarities lie within the way they combine multiple genres - from subtle toned-down hip-hop grooves to low-fi glitchy and crackling ambience emphasized by beautifully cold melodies. the bassline is never forgotten, a must for the "fuller," instantly captivating and darker sound. deru is fond of using samples - from a russian folk song to vocal snippets and strange noise artifacts - these are never blatantly obvious, only gently appearing here and there, enriching the overall feel.

I think it all started with l'usine's sustain record - ever since I have developed a craving for this particular combination of bass-heavy beats and darker low-fi melodic fragility that adds a nostalgic, textured feel, softening and deepening the sound. it is a simple concept, but, obviously, it does not amount to much by itself (plenty of examples could be found among "purist" glitch artists) - it really takes a vision to be able to combine multiple influences to achieve the sound similar to deru's.

I appreciate deru's ability to be able to pause, slow down and enjoy the subtleties, the feeling of weight and space, the meaning of implied silence; in this respect pushing air comes across as a very pensive record, both intricate and laid-back, dark and melancholic, always possessing an intrinsic delicacy.

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