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bad sector
ampos (re-release)
loki   2003
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album rating: 2

submitted by jc smith on 26-Jun-2003

Ampos is the re-release of the first Bad Sector release from 1995, augmented with two additional tracks. Shattered crystalline electronic waves flow and ebb on the title track, accompanied by a metronome-like blip--a sonar scouring the cosmos—that holds the splintered particles in place. Shattered crystalline electronics are the key to the Bad Sector sound, shards of polished debris that swirl and flow in buzzing, brightly shimmering clouds of turbulence and controlled cacophony. Sprinkle with occasional samples of a Science Fiction nature, and the space station ululations unwind. There are many sharp edges, with whirring machines meticulously sanding and scrubbing the jagged edges, not to a smooth surface, but to pinpoint clarity. The sonic vista is vast, as synths crowd the periphery, jostling for a voice within the textural panorama. "Neku" opens as squiggly electronics nip at the near, while the far is doused in brooding synths of a foreboding nature. Squelch and murmur, hum and buzz textures swirl about; a mysterious ambience is constructed. "Ze" sounds as though it is puncturing through the hull of the Bad Sector space station ambience, as streams of granular debris and snippets of static voice transmissions rush out into the intimidating black void of synthetic design.

The mood throughout--the glimmering electronic cosmos--is wonderfully evocative: atmosphere with weight. Though the music is culled from outer space, it is not a totally unfamiliar outer space they deal with. It's symphonic and robust amidst the broad atmospheres they elicit.

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