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learning to be
u-cover   2003
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 6-Aug-2003
this album from australian sense (a project of adam raisbeck) is the latest offering from the u-cover label. compared to the full-length on neo ouija, or recent excellent split with xhale, this album appears to be more "full" - more emotionally defined, more vibrant, resulting in the sound that is perfectly fit for the u-cover label - darker, more reminiscent, detached. sense has a feel for depth and rhythm, as well as for floating, spacious melodies. learning to be with its trace of "urban tension" (a hum of a distant life on the background) is an incredibly cinematic album, something that keeps reminding me of the beginning moments of todd haynes "safe" - dreamy, nostalgic, slightly haunting atmosphere that is gradually enveloping the night streets, spreading alongside the spacious landscape, putting up a murky barrier between the listener/viewer and the rest of the world. learning to be is an assortment of chilled memories, rich ambience delicately spiced up with a few intricate idm references here and there, gracefully unfolding with the simplicity and depth. perhaps the best place to listen to this album is the corner café from one of the french new wave films; counting the rings from your coffee cup on the napkin, observing the busy fall street outside obscured by the traces of rain on the window.

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