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part i-iV
spezialmaterial   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 6-Aug-2003

whether consciously or not, switzerland's spezialmaterial label managed to attain a cult status, putting together all the required ingredients - exclusive packaging, limited runs, relative obscurity, and (obviously) an excellent quality of their releases. the label seems to be interested in the "darker" side of idm, emphasizing the broken, heavier aspect of the genre, at the same time remaining balanced, not getting carried away to the extremes.

if your patience is running thin, if you are too tired of the indistinguishable "genre" albums, solarium could very well be the antidote you were looking for. this album easily shifts from brooding dark ambience to heavy broken beats that bring back the atmosphere similar to that of markant. compared to the latter, solarium seems to be attracted to cleaner, more voluminous spaces, although both musicians know how to gradually build and establish the mood. at times intentionally rigid, at times purposefully minimal, at times unexpectedly graceful, combining heavy slow breaks with deep dark textures, it is the album that demands a prolonged listening, refusing to provide instant gratification often expected from the genre.

perhaps it would be wrong to recommend this album to the usual idm consumer, instead I would rather exchange opinions with someone that can appreciate solarium's cinematic moody feel, occasionally outlined by broken rhythmic patterns.

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