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transgredient records   2003
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 21-Aug-2003

it came to me as quite a surprise that over the years "seven" has never reviewed a single troum record; I suppose it is one of those names that is implicitly known to everyone, sort of a cornerstone, that is in no need of mentioning.

on this limited 3" edition of symbiosis (packaged in a pyramid-shaped container), both members of troum (glit[s]ch and baraka[h]) present five short pieces that are most reminiscent of their work done in the vein of tjukurrpa (part one), as opposed to their other approach that is a lot closer to maeror tri.

there really is no way one can convey in words the impression from troum's sound; these very simple, very organic drones carry that powerful emotional core that for over 10 years (first as maeror tri and then as troum) has been haunting duo's listeners. despite its almost conceptualist nature (all sounds are made without the help of the computer), troum's music is remarkably sincere, unbelievably pure, free of any contrived manipulations, and therefore absolutely timeless.

swelling analog drones, small shimmering noises, and building loops; a subtle sense of light and darkness, of space and continuity; the short nature of these compositions suggests a prolog for things more monumental.

lost somewhere in the post-industrial landscape, troum manages to capture these fleeting moments of pure human emotion; it is rooted in archaic past and yet every bit in unison with our eternally solitary nature.

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