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powder pussy
one day
pflichtkauf   2003
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 21-Aug-2003

powder pussy with its whimsical-yet-tacky-yet-funny naming that would be familiar to any ah cama-sotz fan is an unexpected mesh of styles that comes quite as a surprise (at least at a first glance) to those that are familiar with both ah cama-sotz and this morn' omina material (but then no one knew what to expect from a collaboration like this).

instead of trying to occupy, or defy a particular genre niche, both decide (and with a lot of confidence) to pursue a dance music formula; but what unites them both and makes this release so impressive is that they do what they are known best for - hypnotic, relentless rhythmic tracks that possess depth and "fullness" (imagine recent "bounciness" of ah cama-sotz combined with slow-building richness of mika's sound, add a bit of catchy "robotic vigor" and you get the idea).

vocoder effects (this naive robotic retro-rigidity) bring out a whole new dimension; combined with the simple melodic synths, it becomes a sound that is remotely rooted in rhythmic noise, but finally transcending the adolescent angst or insecurities that usually result in overly complicated pursuits of technical excellence. instead, it is a wonderfully produced, "meaty" dance music with a distinct yet not readily identifiable feel that crosses almost ritualistic primal hypnotic intensity ("splatter" explosive breaks, without a trace of sloppiness - crisp and tight production) with all these delicious sonic treats, as well as melodic elements that make the disk so damn addictive (and thus, so very accessible). in a sense, this is an excellent answer (or a revival on a different level?) of dark electro - infused with deeply rooted tribal references it brings back the edge and the catchiness of "electronic body music", and yet does it with style and without insulting your intelligence. truly an impressive experience, something the likes of latest synapscape and herman himself (in the light of his recent releases) should pay attention to.

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