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andrey kiritchenko
kniga skazok
ad noiseam   2003
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 22-Aug-2003

andrey kiritchenko is an incredibly prolific musician, known not only for the work under his own name, but also for his nihil est excellence and sidhartha projects.

kniga skazok is a tricky work; the idea hidden in the title is most alluring one, referencing similar continuity in previously released 00:00; the technical details are most exquisite, further improving on the blend of refined microsound with deep melodic touch. in other words, all the details that made 00:00 such a success are in place, but the moment you relax and try to grasp the atmosphere of the album, it dissolves, fails to grab you. at some point, after a track or two, the music and the mood seem to drift apart, the beats and the melodies are separated more and more, disconnected, loosing (and losing) the grip on the listener.

perhaps it is the perceived simplistic nature of 00:00 that allowed it to maintain a hypnotic feel throughout the album; abandoning it in favor of technicalities is an all-too-familiar step that many musicians take during their evolution. somewhere along these line a visceral, physical nature of the sound has been lost.

00:00 for me became one of those examples of glitch that I always look for, possessing angularity and precision of rigid beats, the tension of fractured noises and pauses, and the overall feeling of depth and space, the cinematic darkness that is immediately captivating. kniga skazok is a lot more of a "musicians music," especially viewed in context of his earlier work; the details, the "craft" attains the significance that in reality is outside the realm of art that I am interested in.

I might be a bit overzealous, being overly conscious in my attempts of being objective; come to think of it, kniga skazok is still a lot closer to my ideal of "aestheticized" glitch than dozens of other "renowned" efforts in this direction. from this perspective, this album definitely deserves your attention.

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