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freeze etch
immanence   2003
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 24-Aug-2003

first there are visionaries and luminaries that pave the road for early adopters that in turn work hard (and usually for quite a long time until a certain "critical level" has been reached) to get the others up to their level; this process repeats itself again and again, forming this simplistic pyramid-like view of evolution that the album at hand reflects so nicely.

freeze etch is one of multiple projects by adam duckworth; helios ep has been released on immanence records, following a debut somnambulist. helios builds upon a solid foundation of idm and technoid post-industrial, blending melodic dark ambience with high-tech broken beats and perhaps even a touch of rhythmic noise. this is precisely the combination long ago pioneered by the likes of gridlock and somatic responses, which since then moved on, leaving the void that only recently started to fill up with younger musicians brought up on multitude of genres.

although this is a short ep that feels more like a presentation of various sides of the musician, rather than a cohesive work, it is almost instantly captivating - first it is the alluring dark synthetic melodies, the cinematic feel; then the sense of depth nd intensity brought forth by the percussion and abrasive elements.

this is certainly a very promising work; even though this album at times only hints the future possibilities, lacking some of the more "personal" style, freeze etch is undoubtedly a name to remember.

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