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flyrec   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 29-Aug-2003; last updated on 30-Aug-2003 by anton

it's been a few weeks since I got to hear this album, and it has been steadily working its way into my surroundings. I keep taking it along with me on those quiet summer night walks, where everything is silent, but at the same time very much alive, creating a perfect backdrop for the music, interacting with it. dill's wyhiwyg, together with ontayso and new murcof single fit perfectly. they are transparent enough to let the night in with its scents and movement, but at the same time they alter it, transforming the stillness and emptiness of downtown, the sound of your own steps.

it is unsure, fragile music that uses elements of classical avant-garde as well broken glitch; seducing the listener with a rough grainy sensuality of cello contrasted by unexpected snaps of heavy beats; remnants of melodies, gentle vocals samples, fading pieces of pop music are kept together by empty spaces ringing with tension of a single note; there is an idm rhythmic irregularity with deep basslines, but none of the shortened attention span that usually comes with it - yuji inoue knows the refinement of minimalism. at times the music falls apart completely, breaks down in the controlled chaos of feedback and irregular beats, disappears allowing the night to take over. it might come back in a shape of a múm-like murky idm-meets-indie rock ballad that gradually dissolves into crackling silence.

for me wyhiwyg is about texture, but the one that gets so close that you do not notice it at times; it structures your perception, molds your mood, but lets you breathe and feel at the same time - its non-linear complexity only makes it richer, both emotionally and stylistically - an accomplishment almost impossible for many other musicians working in this genre.

volatile and intriguing, moving and unexpected; it is as if demented tigerbeat6 and romz kids suddenly grew up emotionally, acquired erudition and taste without losing their feel for intricate collages and cultural contrasts. dill leaves a lot unsaid; you are welcome to wander off, but its lingering presence will be felt for a long time.

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