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ant-zen   1998
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 7-Jul-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
after listening to this disk i can say once again, "do not trust reviews!" i read a lot of great things about the band, plus i've listened to several tracks on compilations, but the album itself was not what i expected. yes, it is all there - noisy twisted technoid beats, well-done multi-layered programming, pummeling percussion, rather conceptual composition of the album, but it just doesn't "click" for me. as far as technical side of the music, it is great, and many artists in the genre should definitely consider purchasing the album. "rage" seemed too monotonous for me, more of the technical "study" than the expression of rage (as suggested by the title). i would suggest listening to just one track at a time, this way the overall feeling of repetitiveness won't annoy you, and you might actually enjoy every song. the tracks on the album definitely worth listening are "nosefist" (there's something about this rather annoying and noisy song that grips you and just won't let go), "surface" (interesting twisted slow piece), "deliverance" (a good example of "noise-ebm"), "lifted maniac" (easily could be on one of the noisex albums). last tracks on "rage" are quieter and simplier than the rest of the album. they continue the theme of rage and create a nice ending for the disk.

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