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distention: alterculture records sampler
alterculture   1999

album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 17-Dec-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
This compilation is put together and mastered by cris and jasin sevanick. They introduce us with five bands on alterculture records: mindless faith, raudive voices, gears slowly grinding, the unquiet void, and vivid liquid.
Mindless faith introduces four new tracks on the forthcoming cd "manifest destiny". Progressing to a more solid goth/industrial sound, than their previous material, they explore heavier percussive elements, stronger strings, and a more assertive vocal styling. A definite old school feeling is apparent in most of the tracks, something I am not into right now, but many should enjoy.
The second artist, raudive voices, shows promise, but again a very old school influence is going on, not my thing.
But in contrast, here's where it begins for me: gears slowly grinding. The sound is very-very impressive, to say the least; taking on an elemental nature to dark electronics. Utilizing brooding bass structures contrasted by tinges of brilliant sample manips and strings, and minimal but effective percussive aspects, "delusion" will satisfy all.
But it doesn't end there, we are introduced with three new tracks from newcomers - the unquiet void, with their debut cd "scorpio". Tracks such as "breathing liquid breath" show that dark ambience still exists and gives you an understanding of what you've been missing all these years. It is very strong ambient material that reminds me of a cross between early tangerine dream, early cure ("pornography"), and ah cama-sotz. One to look out for.
In closing, we have another dark ambient artist: vivid liquid. Exploring regions of more ambience in the vein of some of the newer ant-zen and cold meat industry acts. Very enticing analog work layered with distant sound manips. Another to check into by far.
Overall, a pretty impressive compilation, especially for those who like a dark ambient material with a twist. Hell, there's even a live video of mindless faith on this comp. Check into these bands, especially the last three.

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