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vnv nation
dark angel
dependent   1999
  see also
"standing. burning empires"
dependent records website

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 22-Nov-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
I'm in this mood because of scorn.
I'm in a mood for total war.
I'd only come here seeking peace.
I'd only come here seeking me.

vnv nation released this 3-song ep on dependent, and it immediately got to german alternative charts. two mixes of "dark angel" and original version (?) of "tempest" are present on the disk. "dark angel" is what vnv nation is famous for: clear clean voice, cold melancholy lyrics, danceable beats, great melody. the lyrics is great - for some reason i kept remembering "the prophecy" while listening to the song.
azrael mix starts with interesting distorted beat, then familiar "trademark" beat builds up. sound is denser in comparison to gabriel mix and the voice is pushed back. a club hit? - definitely. gabriel mix is more of standard vnv nation track with prominent voice and steady danceable beat. "tempest" is a slow and quite interesting track. it starts with just thick bass and chimes on the background. a bit later (surprise, surprise!) - noisy beats again. they actually blend really well with soft voice and bass becoming the integral part of the track. i am not going to compare this disk to their previous releases or speculate about next album. just listen to it. it is great.

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