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drum 'n' noise
hands   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 9-Nov-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
winterkälte is back and this time even more fierce and diverse than brilliant "structures of destruction". tune in for more dancefloor slaughter and power electronics at its best.
on this album the band created a great collage of controlled feedback, layered noises and ambience redefining the standards of the genre. massive dense full-frontal attack on your senses starts with "rebound" that is characterized by punching breakbeats that roll over the listener overlayed with multiple layers of feedback, static and modulated frequencies creating a thick pulsating atmosphere of sonic mayhem.
the fans of winterkälte are familiar with the precision the band handles chaos of raw feedback and broken beats. on "effect vs substainability" this becomes even more apparent - twisted frequencies add colder and more fragile(!) edge to the track; it is more precise and cleaner than the rest of the album.
the apotheosis of the whole disk is reached on "structure 04"; this is truly an outstanding track - the cacophony of whirling noises, crushing percussion, and constant advancing rhythm is killing and driving the listener to extremes, constantly slicing and drilling into his consciousness. the force and power of "structure 04" sustains a relentless attack on your senses; and after it stops, it leaves you drained, craving for more.
"the fate of the sea" ventures into another direction - it starts out as drony atmospheric ambient that slowly builds up assaulting you with regular noise outbursts that rip through your ears for a fraction of the second and then let you gasp for some air before they drop down again breaking your spine. "the fate of the sea" manages to create one of the darkest moments on the album.
20-minute "do not vote for industry" is yet another track with cold atmospheric beginning. the music is wondering across shallow plains, colliding frequencies; cold winds rip through the electronic circuits producing unexpected static feedback. after first 7 minutes it develops a steady drive with caustic beats and plenty of controlled white noise filling the track. interestingly enough, the pounding percussion is absent from the track - in turn caustic noises and short bursts of energy create the intensity similar to opening tracks.
this winterkälte's release is one of the most intense, precise, dense albums that appeared on the scene recently; a _must_ for noise/power electronics/christian synth pop fan.

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