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ich will dich
beton kopf media   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 14-Oct-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
rudy is back - this time bringing us more of good hard porn samples and silly anger (if you felt that you didn't have enough on "boeses junges fleisch"). the most annoying song from last album is brought to you again and again - this time in three remixes and a special intro piece that features the samples only (truly a collector's item).
slut mix of the song could be a nice club track because the song itself is not that bad, and the samples were taken out from the beginning of the track, but they come back later on (there is no escape!), and the song becomes the same old "ich will dich".
harsh mix features rudy screaming the samples (now, that's funny!), and while the sound is slower, more abrasive and quite interesting, rudy's silly "die, you fucking bitch!" is ruining everything.
the best track on the disk is forma tadre's remix - it is completely different from the original song and not knowing the samples it became famous for, you might find it delicate and fragile. the track is atmospheric and slow with carefully placed beats and pieces of original samples overlayed with pretty synthlines. very pleasant remix that has none of the silly anger present on the rest of the album.
das ich contributed to this disk remixing "flucht". the track became slower, but it lacks the orchestration and darkness das ich is famous for.
the artwork deserves mentioning as well - frankly, i would get the album just for the front cover. it is disturbing and dirty, and if it was the feeling intended to be created by the music, it matches it perfectly. i have to give rudy a credit for this disk - "ich will dich" was not just a slip-up on the previous album - he is persistently pushing the limits of good taste.

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