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strange ways   1999

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 2-Feb-2000
wolfsheim established itself in the synth-pop scene since their debut in 1991 and released an impressive number of albums since then. "spectators" was released in february of 1999 together with several singles supporting the cd.

the usual synth-pop formula seems to be working successfully for the band - deep clear vocals, light catchy melodies and a lot of synths. dancy melodies are mixed together with slower ballad-like songs. I enjoyed the range of the songs presented on the album - ranging from almost drum'n'bass-like tunes, to almost poppy melodies ("once in a lifetime") and conventional gentle flowing synthpop. all the songs except for soft and gentle "kuenstliche welten" are sung in english with dreamy and romantic lyrics .

strangely enough - the vocals and song structure reminded me of life of agony's '96 release. it is especially obvious on "heroin she said" (which even uses some processed guitar-like sounds) which is almost an exact replica of "heroin dreams" by life of agony.

my favorite tracks on the disk are undoubtedly "i don't love you anymore" - really well done clean danceable track with graceful melody and overall melancholic atmosphere. the sound is very light due to the amusing, almost "videogame", sounds used. "read the lines" is build along the same lines - strong rhythmic sound overlaid with delicate clean synthlines.

"e" is another interesting track where strange eastern chanting female vocals leads the song giving it a distinct exotic atmosphere.

wolfsheim is one of those "classic" bands that any fan of the genre should own without any questions asked. this release might appear a bit "light" to some, but the melancholy present on every track together with the diversity of the songs will easily make up for it.

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