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galactic supermarket
hymen   1998
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"galactic edge"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 7-Jul-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
"galactic supermarket" released on hymen features the songs recorded over the period of three years by d.myer. it is an album that grows on you over time. do not just listen to it once or twice. this disc will create a completely unique and new atmosphere for you filled with chilling sequences, delicate beats, constantly changing melodies, occasional rough breaks and beats. this is not a soundtrack music - it is too intelligent for that demanding your complete attention.
drum'n'bass rhythms go through every track, sometimes disappearing completely, sometimes becoming rather fast and harsh; the melody cracks, breaks, and finally vanishes only to appear again filled with wierd snoring or clicks; sweet sequences flow like waves: they come and go, creating changing swaying atmosphere. half of the tracks on the album are relatively aggressive with steady drum'n'bass beats, creacking, breaking sounds, interesting samples. my favorites are "pastgate", "mechanism" (constant changing beats, nice occasional bass lines), "ahead" (relatively complex with recognizable beats that stay throught the whole song), "parallel", "tot mann" (harsh, raw drum'n'bass and flowing sequences on the background, nothing else; very minimal and delicate).
analog bleeps, drones, pulsating waves, vanishing sounds. very very minimalistic. the silence and empty spaces are an organic part of the music. they make the listener create the structures that are merely suggested by the music. this is why this album is truly intelligent forcing you to think and create images of your own. it never becomes boring or uninteresting. there always is another beat or unexpected turn too keep you on your toes. you can almost catch something reminding you of newt or forma tadre in several tracks. take your time, listen to it.

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