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sieg der monochronisten
hymen   1998
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"straftat gegen das leben"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 16-Feb-2000
comparing this album with earlier "straftat gegen das leben", you will see certain improvements that make klangstabil more acceptable for the scene that could be loosely labeled as "post-industrial". the sound of the band matured gaining more depth and variety, evolving from pure experimental sound exercises.

the usual klangstabil sound is still present; familiar squealing high-pitched analog sound is mixed with minimal light percussion. this time though, more bass elements have been added and the underlying song structure has been enriched with thicker percussion layers.

20+ minute "schrei nach wahrheit" is the lightest track on this vinyl record presenting the most variation. "mein name ist" is controlled atmospheric track with waves of unstructured heavily processed feedback overlaid with vocal samples. a nice discovery is "m-16" with its deep distorted sound. heavy vibrating feedback loops violently clash with barely audible analog sounds; slowly rotating rhythm makes its way through multiple layers of drones and atmospheric elements. this is probably the most intense and pleasant klangstabil I have heard so far, and I hope this is the direction the band will choose, mixing heavy power electronics with trademark analog sound of klangstabil

hopefully next klangstabil release on ny-based WWIV will continue in the vein hinted by this record.

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