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xpq-21 feat. jeyenne
destroy to create
fourbidden tones   1999

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 24-Feb-2000
I have noticed this band on flatline2 compilation where they were presented with bizarre yet catchy "gumpie's return". this project of native Italian Jeyźnne has been around since 1992 with impressive number of releases.

it seems that on this album the band is trying to incorporate all their music influences tastes in one package. the result is not all that disappointing, but the variety of tracks fighting for listeners' attention could be quite confusing.

kmfdm-like breakbeats on "pornography" are followed by silly yet catchy dancefloor-stomper "dancing queen". "synthesizers" is a clean danceable electro track with enough variation to keep you interested for a while that contrasts with "gumpie's return" - curious electro adaptation of doors-era sound. more rock-oriented "gothic novel" is really catchy mix of industrial rock of late 80s and electro of 90s.

all the time I listen to this disk, I have a feeling that I'm tuned into bad top40 radiostation where rock stars share time with adolescent teen-idols and techno tracks are followed by "alternative" britpop whining.

it appears that the band needs to pick the best tracks they've got (quite a few on this release) that fall within the genre of light danceable (and at times quite funky) electro therefore presenting a more cohesive selection of material.

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