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ultra milkmaids
duebel   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Mar-2000
warm sounds, atonal motives, random bleeps, subtle strings and transparent breaking frequencies are the elements that best describe music of ultra milkmaids. despite the fact that this kind of minimalism that lacks darker edge usually does not occupy my attention for long enough, this french band managed to deliver a refreshing surprise. I find myself listening to this cd again and again as a nice background music for late evenings and quiet nights. it hums on the background, not interrupting the book or trail of thought, but whenever you turn your ear to it and listen more carefully, the soft atmosphere will eagerly embrace you.

soft distorted string starts out the track, subtle keys gradually are added to the mix, wet noises and gentle repetitive bleeps and hisses accompany them. a graceful, self-content atmosphere builds slowly and then vanishes after barely establishing itself.

the band has been around since 1993 and might be known to some by its collaboration works with telepherique and celluloïd mata. "peps" is a strangely addictive album that requires some time to get into; a nice addition is a video present on the disk.

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