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far beyond, before the time
cold spring   1999
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"from the depths of haron"
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album rating: 2

submitted by dean on 23-Mar-2000
Croatian Kerovnian seem to approach music from the school of minimalism and dark atmosphere that holds Roger Karmanik as its dean. The music definitely is sparse, but is constantly changing and evolving resurrecting dark magic that enters the bleak gloomy world. The sounds on this disk pull you deeper and deeper into their nightmare, until it's too late and you almost welcome your fate.

One aspect of the album that seemed to detract from the music, were the almost death metal style vocals that seemed out of place in the mix. An interesting idea, but in my opinion it didn't seem to fit the music. Actually the album as a whole is quite dark and interesting and would probably do well as a soundtrack to a horror film. Definitely a disc that I would recommend to all connoisseurs of Cold Meat Industries style music.

Hopefully we will hear more from this band in the near future; this is their first full-length release since their establishment in 1995. More albums on Cold Spring should follow.

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