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WWIV   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 30-Mar-2000; last updated on 10-Apr-2000 by anton
in comparison with other klangstabil I have heard up to date, "menschenhass" by far has the most textured and noisy sound. I wonder if it is the result of the fact that this record was released on new york's wwiv records which is run by noise dj team noizguild that is famous for this kind of unstructured abrasive music.

first side ("der menschenhassser") starts out with controlled barely structured noisy frequencies that are not nearly as cut up and processed as usual klangstabil sound. bursts of static feedback and manipulated noisy frequencies fill this track that could be described as "atmospheric" for the lack of better definition. the sound seems to be rather "flat" and not as textured as recent "sprite storage format". second side features more familiar klangstabil elements, but this time crunchier and noisier than ever with monotonous manipulated frequencies on the background and screeching piercing sounds overlaid on top of repetitive, almost drony noises

as with "sprite storage format", there was a very special story behind the packaging that accompanied this release (more details on wwiv site); the usual advise that is applicable to all recent klangstabil work - listen to it loud! hopefully their upcoming us tour would show all the diversity the band possesses.

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