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after-hour sounds
reload ambient   1997
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 31-Mar-2000
this is yet another one of those quite rare classics that needs to be mentioned some day. this vinyl record released on reload ambient does fit the label profile and reminds me more of "signum" than any later technoid material. perfectly justifying its name, "after-hour sounds" is a strangely soft and relaxed version of pal, a warm laid-back journey balancing on the brink of darkness.

minimal drum programming together with soft simple synth lines gradually build repetitive and clean atmosphere. simple yet graceful and pleasant combination of minimal metallic beats and darker synth elements with random soft tweaked keys and strings thrown in. the music doesn't really change much from track to track, keeping intact the subtle minimalism.

"after-hour sounds" is among those items that would make any obsessive collector happy and provide enough thought material for those aesthetic purists trying to trace the band's evolution through the years.

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