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funker vogt
bloodline   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 3-Apr-2000
this new single from funker vogt contains three mixes of "gunman" (hence the name), "nuclear winter" and "f-117." after extensive listening, I have concluded that nothing really changed - same solid militant percussion mixed with synthlines and aggressive vocals. it seems like the songs are a bit more melodic and the sound is cleaner and even more solid than before.

both mixes of "gunman" (both "crossed" and "classic") are strong percussion-driven tracks in the vein of old funker vogt. a bit silly militant lyrics and harsh pulsing rhythms bring back well-known music formula. "f-117" continues with heavy crushing rhythm that dominates this nicely arranged track with carefully placed tempo changes and percussion variations. it definitely has a distinct feel to it, and absence of lyrics makes it a great militant anthem that easily tops the most intense material from the band.

"female" mix of "gunman" was a nice surprise - an interesting balance of abrasive percussive elements and softer keys. it definitely has more "electro" feel to it, quite refreshing in comparison with other material. at times it reminds me of early beborn beton or even fictional; definitely my favorite track.

"nuclear winter" is a slower piece with simple and addictive melody and heaviness that matches previous tracks. at the end it breaks out into a fast break-beat techoid sound that perfectly mixes with a cold synthline on the background.

as expected, this is yet another quality release from funker vogt with no big surprises. militant electro at its best with all the elements that make a perfect mix, without straying into other genres.

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