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ant-zen   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 10-Apr-2000
listening to this record, at first you could be appalled with monotonous sound manipulations, when klangstabil seems to find a cool loop and exploit it throughout the whole song. however it does grow on you gradually, as the music moves forward and in addition to frequencies and distortion you get some nice atonal high-pitched analog bleeps and noises. chaotic, repetitive, it has some weird spell that haunts you when you listen to it. as long as you acknowledge the fact that it is not trying to be diverse or present an easy entertainment, you should enjoy its bizarre atmosphere. it turns out that listening to this record loud does change the perception quite a lot.

the combination of thick noisy textures and cut-up soft, videogame-like torn synths and keys is quite fascinating before it gets too repetitive to be fully enjoyed. the atmosphere on each track might be described as surreal - pure sound manipulations are not suited for creating a stable and emotional music atmosphere - it is rather an elaborate exercise in constructing collages of clashing, pulsing, spinning, collapsing noises, loops and funky repetitive sounds.

after you learn that this record has been done in realtime using gameboy, it acquires yet another quality as a peculiar manifest of modern electronic primitivism.

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