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starfish pool
illusions of move - chapter blue
hymen   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 22-Apr-2000
the main idea behind the music of starfish pool is combining hypnotic drum patterns with subtle atmospheric changes happening on the background. majority of the tracks on this vinyl are build upon unchanging technoid percussion, minimal noises and synths soaring on the background. soon enough you get into the trance-like state hypnotized by seemingly unchanging motives, that keep your attention by subtle changes.

the whole release would have been considered merely a decent background music, if not for the material where all the monotonous percussion is eliminated and instead atmospheric elements take over.

gliding synths are occupying your attention and percussion is reduced to the form of random compressed noises that add barely audible structure and self-contained intensity to the track. the contrast with the rest of material on the disk is stunning; it creates a nice atmospheric break and points out the elements in the music that might have been overlooked initially.

"illusions of move - chapter blue" revolves around minimal ambient textures that might occupy you during the hours before the dawn, when attention starts slipping and thoughts tune in to the recurring motive of this record.

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