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vinyl communications   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 25-Apr-2000
my first exposure to delta9 was "disco inferno" several years ago that basically was repetitive digital hardcore, aggressive and straightforward. that's why this mix cd comes as quite a surprise to me.

delta9 presents its original mixes, remixes of labelmates (merzbow, zipper spy, shadowman) as well as some other artists (including somatic responses and man is the bastard noise). by now you should have realized that music on this cd is noise, thick processed noise that clashes, swirls, attacks, drills and scrapes. japanoise would be the right term to use. some tracks (like quite short "killdozer v.s.", and "subhead") actually do have some structure and could be described as mix of heavy repetitive rhythms and structured japanoise.

this collection is not nearly as irritating and abstract as some of japanoise, but I would prefer chaotic complexity and spontaneity to dull repetitiveness on some of the tracks. altogether this is an interesting release that contains some very interesting and cool noisy elements. as long as it is perceived as a peculiar sound exercise, a study of sound manipulation, it should match its peers in this genre.

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