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tinman   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 1-May-2000
i was lucky enough to obtain the copy of the cd from tinman before the official release date in june. this is first full-length release for dubok after a number of demos that showed consistent progress of the band from early more experimental crunchy and noisy rhythms to present complex yet extremely melodic danceable sound.

starting out with strong floor-oriented tracks like "soft parade" and "sinsanity", the album immerses you into the world of clean and pure sounds where soft synths and slightly processed vocals are in a perfect balance with compressed heavy beats that add a definite edge to the music.

continuing are my absolute favorites - "it's both now" and "slips". the latter one is where it's all coming together in one excellent combination. the track is perfectly arranged around rich dancy melodies, moments of quiet tranquility and subdued intensity.

at times the dancy side of the music takes over, and some of the tracks might appear a bit stretched and repetitive, but this feeling is easily escaped once more attention is paid to the background elements and vocals that further develops pure abstract themes suggested by the music.

next to last "immersed" closes the album with symphonic grace and purity, that make an unexpected clever twist at the end sound even more appealing. last track on "immersed" features guest vocals by rian of fleshfield fame.

the best tracks on the album create solid enjoyable atmosphere; fluid and soft melodies (their warm glow at times might slightly hint underworld's compositions) will definitely appeal to every listener and dancefloor addict, while more attentive ones will be able to go beyond that, discovering harsher world of heavy processed percussion and traces of slightly gridlock-like chaotic intensity. this release should take tinman back to spotlight, coupled together with upcoming concerts and releases by other label's artists.

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