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cold spring   1996
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 1-May-2000
so far "aldebaran" is my favorite inade album. it has been originally released back in 1996, and should be re-released by cold spring quite soon. monolithic sound of "aldebaran" seems to be more abstract with less tribal influences present.

crushing fluid ambient sounds are descending upon the listener, covering vast ranges with pulsating throbbing cold waves, sweeping and advancing at a steady unchanging pace. dense and powerful, every track has some subtle recognizable theme element going through the whole track and making a nice contrast with solid monotonous sound.

my all-time favorite "I.II" is an incredible combination of heavy, slowly moving waves of pulsating machine sounds and cold atmospheric elements mixed together with distorted rippling beat and hollow vocal samples. if you were looking for the example defining the genre as a whole - this would be the track to start with.

lighter "conquest of being separated" and more "earthly" "III.IV" continue the journey, seamlessly flowing into each other. "V.VI" is almost epic with mechanized breathing rising to a climax swept away with abrasive atmospheric waves.

powerful dark moods created by inade somehow manage to escape the repetitiveness and dullness that usually dominates the genre. the band maintains the intensity and style throughout each track mixing in a variety of mechanized noises and drones that together build up a recognizable and dense atmosphere.

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