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villa vertigo
foton   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 3-May-2000
This first release for recently formed Foton Records introduces an ultra minimalistic ambient project consisting of john sellekaers (xingu hill), olivier moreau (imminent, ambre, axiome), and hervé thomas.

This presentation is packaged in a nice light tan & black cardboard sleeve with an info card, a beautiful slide called "Sorry" by Bart Bosmans, and a nice highly detailed photograph by Caroline Eggermont entitled "Gors Gesternte."

Here we explore the very depths of maxi-subtle environments created by these ever versatile musicians. The installment takes place in various parts of villa many of us have been in, such as a corridor, study, greenhouse, and basement. The subtle arrangements of atmospheres and sample sounds build on a small array of slowly evolving movements that take you to another cave of the psyche. "the greenhouse" & "the stairs" gives a good example of this. Track seven, "the nest", pulls a distorted view of the atmospheres with small attacking frequencies that drive in and out the composition. While track 8, "the lodger", throws in a creepy ending to our story with the distorted subtleties of and old lady whispering & chanting about.

It is an exploration into the lightness of sound; eclectic minimalism coupled with subdued sound experimentations.

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