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visions and voices
self-released   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 3-May-2000
This unsigned artist has caught my attention with his mp3 excerpts, leaving me wanting to hear more. I was quite impressed with engineering and mastering that proves this to be a very promising new artist.

Rew Remote presents us with a highly layered electro/noise track that breaks into a menagerie of jungle and breakbeats titled "Razor Wire." "My Disease" carries on with a nice solid electro track that drives with more erratic and energetic beats layered by a very nice chord progression and synthetic drips.

The band attacks you with an assaulting barrage of percussives that are foreshadowed by another beautiful string progression that transitions to a complexity of synthetics. I would have to say that "Underwater" and track eleven, "Command Control Dial 153", are heavily influenced by Gridlock. Track four continues on with a more hypnotic and atmospheric sound. Track six, "Underwater", & nine, "(.) dot", could very much qualify as intelligent power noise, containing driving transitional rhythms that build with intensity, reminding me on Converter material.

"dRünE" merges on with very dancy electro movements layered by enticing string atmospheres. An enlightening analog mix of "Underwater" by dbs shows us more separated complexity of the original, keeping the beautiful chord progression dominant.

There are two additional bonus trax as well, one a dark atmospheric electro track, the other a rather funky and quite funny track reminiscent of VAC's trip-hop tracks and vocals to boot. A nice bonus surprise, "Welcome to the Day Dream."

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