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music for a paranormal life
tcm/vision   2000
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"no instruments"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 10-May-2000
this band has attracted my attention after some very impressive compilation appearances. to begin with, apparent similarities with vnv nation on the title track are quite noticeable, especially the vocals style. however, neuroticfish doesn't fall into the same simplistic repetitive pattern that vnv nation seems to be trapped in lately.

this single is a teaser for quite impressive debut full-length "no instruments". simple and a bit raw sounding (which makes it even more charming) ballad "all I say" is followed by two mixes of clean, melodic and addictive "m.f.a.p.l." - the track features jumpy sequencing, light percussion and clean untreated vocals. this irresistible strong dancefloor-stomper combines firm electro elements with sweet synthpop hooks. short instrumental "black again v3" is yet a bit reminiscent of vnv nation's ballads at first (something that the band managed to overcome in its full-length release), but then develops a strong pleasant dancefloor appeal before ending quite abruptly.

this is definitely an interesting release and a good addition to any floor-oriented synthpop collection that already should have a full length "no instruments".

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