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beton kopf media   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 10-May-2000
after initial anger, disappointment and disbelief followed last :w: releases, I can look calmly at this :w: disc and take it as a tribute to things past. at this point I can say that whatever :w: possessed, the raw power, anger, force and vision of endzeit electro are gone, and any attempt to revive them by rudy himself result in a soulless "flat" sound that lacks any emotions that have been replaced by polished, well-produced, technically flawless exercises in sound manipulation. all new material has been released last year strikes me as cartoonish, immature and unnatural.

this fact is even more obvious on two new tracks present on this double cd - fast paced "praise your fears" that is so incredibly similar to "touch" by klinik. "hang him higher" comes close to raw piercing emotions of "bunkertor7", but something is still missing, something so painfully obvious and yet intangible.

a sad unsettling feeling haunts you when you look at a vast number of photos, pictures of fans, rare and unreleased artwork that comes with the cd. looking through at the artwork, you notice a gradual transition from pure and strong early years to present unbelievably artificial imagery.

legendary status of the band, unreasonably high expectations for the upcoming material prevents the fans from taking any new music objectively, and after all, rudy is not the same, and it is sad to see him moving off the scene, losing the strength and anger that was driving him all these years.

old material on this album is definitely not the "best of", and it is not intended to be. most of the tracks here represent early :w:, with sound ranging from minimal ebm to really atmospheric tracks. my all-time goofy favorites "tschuesch domos" and "zech groove" are here as well (for a long time I have been a proud owner of "new forms of entertainment" comp, and now those tracks have been released for the wide audience).

old-time hits were not left out and still stand out strong - tuned-down "soylent green" instrumental, two parts of incredible "irak", painfully strong "koslow", harsh beauty of "default"; minimal atmospheric "march of the crying" and simple grace of "crucified" would gain them the status of "new found classics"…

it would have been a strong and successful move at peak of :w: fame, but now it only makes it worse and more painful for the fans, seeing this ebm icon taken down from its pedestal by tracks like "k.u.t.t.", "anaesthetics", "stomp"…

"blutkind" is an incredibly interesting release for those trying to trace back the origins and influences of :w:, but in the absence of any interesting current material it is yet another sad hint of decay.

for the feel of old :w: spirit I would recommend looking at his protégé infact (his latest release is incredibly reminiscent of early :w: with its raw force and yet modern powerful sound), new b-ton-k, feindflug, pierrepoint. after all, they continue where rudy left off, and you should move on after paying tribute to the "master of endzeit electro".

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