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skam   1998
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 14-May-2000
every once in a while going though friends' music collections I come across gems that somehow managed to escape my attention before. it is strange that this bola album has been overlooked by me, especially considering the fact that I have always enjoyed its labelmates like boards of canada or gescom.

i have been listening to "soup" non-stop for over a week now, and find it perfectly fitting every mood, or rather possessing the power to create pure landscapes that instantly mesmerize you no matter where you are and what you are doing.

the music is similar to boards of canada mentioned above, but possessing deeper and more solid sound; it is generally more fluid and mysterious with more varietyand richness. precisely accentuated pulses, carefully placed synthlines flowing on the background, gentle touches of soft keys; waves of sound are built around delicate patterns hinted by percussion, occasionally featuring slightly distorted passages.

every track is a gorgeous journey embracing the listener and reaching out to every emotion and sense out there. it is pure electronica flowing out of the speakers, gentle, mesmerizing, elegant. from soft pure tracks sparkling with myriad of crystal clean sounds to more mysterious ones where homogeneous landscapes created by synths are backed by rare backdrops of heavy percussion and fast-paced passages with multiple overlapping themes.

somehow the album is amazingly abstract and lacks primitive emotions, but at the same time it creates a whole bouquet of feelings that are more complex than the ones created by any other bands it at times reminds me of - from boards of canada or gescom to even skylash or halo_gen. the music always remains strikingly vivid; it is devoid of certain feeling of dry technicality and mechanized exercises that at times are present in this genre.

this disk came as a refreshing discovery and I cannot see anyone resisting its charm; the least I can do is to recommend it to any fan of electronic music out there.

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