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no instruments
tcm/vision   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 16-May-2000
with current rising popularity of synthpop, there are more and more bands out there that release horrible music that is no better than any of the mass-consumption material on tv/radio; that's why it's always a pleasure to encounter a well-done strong album that revives my belief in the genre and sets a certain level that other bands can be judged by.

shedding similarities to vnv nation and other "big names" that might have been held against the band earlier, they deliver a solid album with perfect balance of sweet yet melancholic and interesting melodies that mix both synthpop and darker electronic sound.

simple melodies with clean vocals full of infinite sadness and noble grace, addictive lyrics, highly danceable sound with multitude of strings and soft key arrangements all come together in one strong mix that could easily rival biggest names in the genre. this album could be a springboard for those that start ooking into this genre; and anyone even remotely interested in synthpop should not miss "synthstock 2000" coming this summer - a first true synthpop festival in united states, organized by a different drum.

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