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negative format
distant pulses
gashed!   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 26-May-2000
it appears that with this new album the band has shed the similarities to frontline assembly so obvious before and finally gained its very distinctive and polished sound. for several days I have been enjoying this cd that both serves as a nice background music and provides an intriguing journey opening new dimensions.

this album is even more "fluid" than anything else by alex. it is full of solid compositions that cover the ranges from intelligent trance to danceable dark electro; some loops and progressions might even bring up the term "idm". liquid trance tracks that might at times resemble vac's fascination with goa are accompanied by the vocals that is run through the same vocoder all the time, that will enrage some sound purists, but it does provide a nice retro-feel that balances out some of the more frivolous compositions.

comparing "distant pulses" with recent trance releases I can see where negative format took the best elements from the genre and mixed them together with strong dark electro edge.

this is a very impressive album, and probably one of the strongest gashed! releases this year; it has immediately captured my attention, and i am sure that it will be a while before it leaves my cd player.

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