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drum 'n' noise
hands   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by the black oil on 26-May-2000
Here it is, the highly anticipated 2nd CD from Germany's Winterkalte, whose first CD, "Structures of Destruction," has already entered the ranks of the finest releases coming out of the rhythmic noise genre. Not that my opinion will probably mean squat to the people who already adore this outfit, they're going to buy it anyway. But don't worry, whether you're a die-hard fan or just coming in, you won't be disappointed. "Drum N' Noise" is a fine release, even better than "Structures..." in this reviewer's opinion.

"Drum N' Noise" shows the band growing as musicians. The tracks here have a much more complete and polished feel, with a greater concentration on composition and relationships between the sounds, rather than the more straightforward , in-your-face, and raw stylings of the first CD. But there's still plenty of the stuff that makes Winterkalte great. More over-the-top, in your face, all out rocking rhythms. More searing bass lines. More pounding percussion and noise. Winterkalte is criticized by many for its lack of rhythmic ingenuity, but it's obvious that the band's real strength is in its textures and arrangements, and this is no more evident here. Very well done sounds and structured chaos throughout. Some moments there's even a very ambient "collaged" feel to some of the tracks before the pummeling beats kick in. MUCH better production this time around too. Track 6, "Do Not Vote for Industry!", clocking in at around 20 minutes is the most kick-ass power noise track I've heard since IS's "Tentack One," and alone makes the album worth having. All in all, a great release that won't leave the player.

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